Lough Sheever Corporate Park consists of a mixed development of high tech offices, showrooms and commercial facilities together with warehousing and distributions units.

Existing occupants include many leading car dealerships such as Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Opel, Mitsubishi, Citroen and Peugeot as well as ancillary services to the Motor Trade. Home decor stores, builders providers and food distribution is also catered for while professional, health, leisure and kids activity services make up the remainder of this unique development.

A major attraction is the parks proximity to both the Mullingar By-pass which offers a duall-carriageway/motorway to Dublin 50 miles away and also to the town of Mullingar which offers a strong connection to the Midland Gateway.

Phase I of this 125 acre park is now complete. Phase II & III are currently under construction with a number of exciting projects in the pipeline for both. The fourth and final phase is expected to be coming on stream in the near future.The development is self contained with excellent telecommunications including fibre optic infrastructure. Particular attention has been paid to the building designs and innovative landscape settings including a restful green area “Oval Park” which leads to the walkway along the feeder canal. CCTV site security and professional maintenance also forms part of the overall services provided by the appointed management company.

The combination of easy access, a central location, a young educated workforce and quality of lifestyle makes Lough Sheever Corporate Park a number one consideration for locating your company. The Lough Sheever project is headed up by Project Coordinator Des Collins who works in close collaboration with the Managing Director Michael Kelly.


Lough Sheever Innovation Centre is located within the Lough Sheever Corporate Park, a mixed development of Hi-Tech units, office facilities and existing businesses.
The industrial base is well supported by a growing and significant service sector with employment in commerce, insurance, finance and business increasing steadily.
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